Agriculture 4.0 Transformation!

Let us remember the past?

Agriculture has undergone 3 major revolutions: The 1st was Mechanization/Animal Traction, the 2nd was Mechanization/Combustion Engine and the 3rd with Guided Systems and Precision Agriculture. Today we are experiencing the 4th revolution, Decision Agriculture, which needs connectivity, reliable data and intelligence to generate results efficiently, reduce costs and increase productivity.

The Trace Pack is part of this 4th revolution, which is Digital Transformation 4.0 in Agribusiness, providing intelligent access to data generated by machinery in the field, using Embedded Engineering with IoT Technology (Internet of Things).

According to management guru Peter Drucker, “What you don’t measure, you can’t manage.”

That is why Trace Pack faithfully believes in the power of intelligent data transmission and processing. It is useless to have machines with the latest technology, which generate extremely important data, if this data is not used and managed.

With the Trace Machine solution, the Trace Pack offers customers the opportunity to perform DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in their company, adding much more VALUE to the data generated by the machines in the field. The solution is multi-brand (whatever the color) and multi-connection (does not depend on the cellular network or the implantation of towers in the properties).

And you, what are you doing with your data?

Are you managing your production with maximum efficiency?

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