Independency of Brazil!

Independency of Brazil and your data too!

In many cases in Brazil, a large part of the machinery parks (tractors, harvesters, sprayers and others) of agricultural companies are multi-brand. It turns out that each machine, of different brands and models, ends up generating data in different formats and reports, making it difficult to access this valuable data.

The result is an inefficient patchwork from systems that “don’t talk”.

Trace Pack, thinking about the independence of companies, connects all machines to the operations center and solves this problem.
Thanks to our Trace Pack technology, regardless of make or model of machines, the customer can access ALL data in a standardized way and in one place.

Turning data into a decision is what makes your company reduce costs and increase productivity efficiently!

Do you want to be independent and have access to all your machine data, be it green, yellow, blue or red? Talk to us and be INDEPENDENT!

(+55) 43 99120-1148

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